Rebecca Kite

Freight Transport Association

Rebecca has been the Environment Policy Manager for Freight Transport Association for a little over a year as well as manages the recently relaunched Logistics Emissions Reduction Scheme. She attends regular LowCITY working groups, LowCVP and local council meetings, all of which are dedicated and passionate about reducing vehicle emissions. They have provided her with an insight into the current issues facing the industry. Rebecca has been consistently impressed with the level of commitment demonstrated by the freight industry to continually strive for lower emissions. Air quality is an ongoing, increasing challenge, but industry continues to rise to it, remaining open to new ideas, trialling new technologies and developing their own new innovative techniques to achieve a cleaner fleet.

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The future of alternatively powered freight

Governments new focus on improving local air quality whilst continuing to reduce carbon emissions will present numerous challenges for industry over the next few years. Additionally, the recently released Road to Zero document which outlines 46 government policies aimed at replacing the UKs diesel and petrol vehicle fleet with zero emission alternatives, will require new and innovative technologies to enable our heavier fleet to make the transition. Whilst there are multiple electric and hybrid options available for our lighter freight vehicles, these options aren’t without their barriers. Zero emission alternatives for our heavy freight fleet currently don’t exist and it may be some time before we they are readily available. I will discuss what operators can do now to reduce their emissions, and give an industry perspective of the realistic prospects for alternatively powered vans and trucks and the supportive measures that are available to help operators who are looking to invest in greener vehicles.


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