Emma Cunningham

Marine Conservation Society,

Emma has worked on marine litter at MCS since 2007. Alongside numerous targeted campaigns, Emma coordinated Beachwatch, the UK’s largest beach clean up and litter survey. In 2011 Emma became MCS’s first Pollution Campaigns Officer, focusing on effecting behavioural change within the general public, such as through balloon and sky lantern releases, and user groups, such as recreational anglers. In 2013, Emma instigated the Marine Litter Action Network (MLAN) to bring together people and organisations from different sectors to holistically tackle the issue of marine litter. Emma now works as Senior Pollution Campaigns Officer, and continues to work on MLAN as well as developing new campaigns.

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Working together to turn the tide on Marine Litter

Emma will provide background to the marine litter issue and highlight initiatives set up to make a difference, with a particular focus on the Marine Litter Action Network (MLAN) established by MCS. If possible and only if time allows, she would like to show a short film as part of the presentation, located here for your viewing in advance.


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