Elizabeth Daly

Risk & Policy Analysts Limited

Elizabeth Daly, a Senior Consultant at RPA, has worked on a range of studies covering analysis and assessment in relation to water quality, biodiversity and ecosystem services. She has undertaken numerous assessments for the Coal Authority and Environment Agency on the water quality benefits expected to result from remediation of areas affected by former mining activity (including both coal and metal mines). These have focused on identifying the benefits of full or partial improvements in waterbody status under the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Other work has included an assessment of the options for reducing the level of nitrogen entering Poole Harbour (linked to Water Protection Zones) and a review of the outputs of an EU INTERREG funded study on invasive species for Norfolk County Council. Elizabeth has also contributed to a project on the economic and social benefits of environmental protection and resource efficiency related to the European Semester.

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Costs and benefits: meeting the requirements of the Water Framework Directive (WFD)

The WFD requires consideration of remediation measures where waterbody status is less than good (or good potential). With limited funding available, actions need to be targeted towards the waterbodies where benefits can be maximised compared with the costs. This seminar covers the use of an economic assessment methodology to enable prioritisation of mine water treatment schemes. It also looks at how such methods could be applied in other contexts.


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