Dr Laurence Couldrick

Westcountry Rivers Trust

Laurence is CEO at the Trust and has worked within the Rivers Trust movement for 13 years. He as developed and run multimillion pound projects tackling water quality and water quantity issues across the South West. Alongside managing local projects and educational activities Laurence also works nationally through the umbrella organization The Rivers Trust to steer policy and advice with Defra and national Environment Agency groups. Laurence is also keen on steering the Trust into adopting new technologies and mapping methods to understand where to target works and what we need from our river catchments. This extends to GIS modelling of ecosystem services to 3D drone imaging of farm yards and flood attenuation features.

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Taking a catchment scale approach to dealing fresh water contamination

The Westcountry Rivers Trust is an environmental charity that delivers catchment scale restoration to reduce fresh water contamination. This includes the award winning Upstream Thinking project funded by South West Water dealing with agrochemicals getting into raw drinking water through targeting both point source and diffuse pollution. Achieving improvements in both water quality and the wildlife that lives in the rivers is testament to the success of the approach.