The European Asbestos Forum partnering with the Contamination Expo Series


Contamination Expo Series and the EAF are working together to create the most influential week on the asbestos calendar. EAF president, Yvonne Waterman, will be taking to the stage at The Contamination Expo Series on 27th September in Keynote Theatre Hall 2.

What's more, those looking to stay ahead of the European market can get a 20% discount for the EAF event. Just send your Contamination Expo Series registration number to

On the 26th September at the Hilton Canary Wharf Hotel, nearly two dozen top speakers from across Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand will give exciting, high-level presentations on the main theme 'Asbestos & Industry'. 

Whether you are in the field of contracting, removing asbestos, training, managing, testing, inspecting or consultancy, denaturalisation, health & safety, law or insurance, awareness etc. there will be interesting and relevant presentations and debates for you to follow and take part in. The EAF formula has proven to be a great success. For a quick look at the program, see

Also an ideal networking opportunity, the EAF reaches out to all professionals globally who wish to learn and share state of the art knowledge on asbestos.

What's more, as the conference comes to an end, the Hazardous Materials Expo opens the very next day - making the the 26th-28th of September the most influentional three days in the asbestos calendar this year!

Just to proudly mention a few speakers: there will be Martin Gibson of the HSE presenting on the importance of compliance in industry. He is the Principal Specialist Inspector in occupational hygiene. Marcus Sanders of ARI Global Technologies will explain on denaturalising asbestos safely into new and useful products. His presentation is quite aptly called the ‘The Global Game Changer’! The practical challenges of removing asbestos in a nuclear facility or an enormous petrochemical plant will be shown as well, by Mark Winter (Beacon International) and Hein Tersteeg (Asis-t, active for ExxonMobil Rotterdam) respectively. Stephen Sadley of Arca will provide the Keynote Speech, focusing on the role of a trade association in the asbestos removal industry. They will be joined by many other speakers of a wide variety of sectors, all with something very pertinent and relevant to share with everybody. It is going to be so exciting and worthwhile!

While the EAF focuses primarily on professionals, there is also much to share with asbestos victims – because understanding asbestos dangers as we do now, there is a duty of care on professionals to prevent new asbestos victims. Which is why Dr. Penny Woods of the British Lung Foundation will be giving the Opening Speech. 

If you should have any questions, feel free to address these to the EAF's Founder, Yvonne Waterman at To register easily, use