EEA: Coal plants the worst polluters

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The European Environment Agency has released industrial pollution data from 35,000 industrial facilities that reveals that power plants fuelled by coal are Europe’s top polluters.

Under EU rules, industrial facilities in Europe have to report emissions data to be analysed by the EEA. The latest data has shown that coal-fired plants release the largest amount of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the air.

Poland’s Belchatow was shown to have released the highest amounts for the three pollutants back in 2015, while the UK’s Drax plant, Germany’s Janschwalde facility and Poland’s Kozienice plant were also revealed as being among the worst offenders for each of the three pollutants.

Coal-fired plants accounted for Europe’s largest releases of SO2 and NOx of the 65 economic activities noted in the EU’s European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register, while one of these facilities also gave off the most amount of CO2.

Seven of the 14 facilities responsible for causing the most air and water pollution were based in the United Kingdom. Seven were in Germany and five were based in Poland and France.