Concert moved after ceiling collapse

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A choir performance in Bristol had to be moved after a section of roof at the original location unexpectedly collapsed - prompting fears of asbestos exposure.

The Gurt Lush Choir’s ‘Sex, Death and Poultry’ performance was initially set to take place at the city’s Colston Hall on July 8, but the venue was left unusable after a portion of the ceiling in the main hall collapsed.

Nicola Harwin, member of the choir, said it was feared that asbestos may have been present in the crumbled section - posing a danger to the audience.

She added: “There were concerns that there might have been some asbestos in the ceiling that would have been disturbed when the section came away.

“Colston Hall couldn’t get someone out to check it in time for the concert to take place there. It may well have been safe, but they couldn’t risk it.”

A spokesman from the venue said: “We were aware that there was safe, undisturbed asbestos in the old part of the building where the ceiling fractured, so we took the precaution to close the hall for the evening as the visitors’ safety is the most important thing to us.”